Cathy Munson was selected as one of six featured dog artists in April 2008 Southwest Art Magazine

Cathy and Friend

Cathy Sue Munson
Cathy is an Austin, Texas native and Honors graduate in Studio Art from the University of Texas. After graduation she worked as an illustrator at Texas Parks and Wildlife for several years; it was there she began to develop her intricately detailed watercolor technique and love of painting wildlife.

A lot of love goes into each of Cathy's animal paintings - strokes of love that always lend personality and life to her watercolor and gouache animal portraits.

Over the years Cathy has gained national recognition through numerous competitions, exhibitions, private collections, and galleries.

Cathy Munson Art Studio
3319 Hancock Dr.
Austin, Texas 78731
(512) 454-9100
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Z-Z Top
This is my good dog, Z-Z Top!

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