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"Master at Work" 18x24 watercolor and gouache
accepted into the prestigious Women Artists of the West
52nd National Exhibition "East Meets West"
November 6, 2022 - January 7, 2023
Deadline: June 24, 2022
The McBride Gallery Annapolis, MD


"The Duck Hunter"
black lab with mallard
original watercolor and gouache 24x20

"Rookies Romp" Golden Retriever on his first duck hunt
Original watercolor and gouache $3,000

Sporting dogs in watercolor by artist Cathy Sue Munson

Cathy Munson Art Studio, 3319 Hancock Dr., Austin, Texas 78731
(512) 454-9100 or email me

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"Maisy Fish"
collection of Laurens Fish family

"Snake River Charmer"

"Keep on Duckin'"

"Best Buddy"

"As Good as it Gets"

"Practice Makes Perfect"

"Saddle Dreams"
Original watercolor and Gouache 16 x 20 framed

"Georgia and Riley Grace" German shorthairs
collection of Paige Richards

"Kate Parker"

"Duck Hunting Gold"

Chocolate Sunday"
"Chocolate Sunday"

"This Dog Can Hunt"

"Proud Retrieve"