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Animal, people and wildlife paintings in watercolor by artist Cathy Sue Munson

"Portrait of Joslynn"
original watercolor and gouache 14 x 11

Cathy guarantees a great likeness of your loved one when you commission a portrait!

Cathy Munson will also guarantee a likeness of your pet when you commission a pet painting. Most of the paintings on this website have been done on a commission basis. Everyone loves their pet like family. A Cathy Munson portrait is a gift they will always appreciate. Don't delay ordering!


Mural at UT commissioned for track and soccer stadium


"Chip - Chocolate Lab"

Dallas Cowboy Dandy
"Dallas Cowboy Dandy"


Andy Law
Memorial to Andy Law
in the collection of Wyoming Rep. Law

Schubert and Humpy"Schubert and Humpy"


"El Gato"