Animal and wildlife paintings in watercolor by artist Cathy Sue Munson

"Macki Brown "

"Fritz Lowe"

"Rufus the Great"

"Stoli and Nellie Donneberg"

"Aimin' to Please"
"Aiming to Please"

"Mueller Beagles"

Cathy would be glad to take your order for an animal painting. Hunting dog portraits are a wonderful gift for your favorite sportsman - especially for Christmas or Father's Day. Plan now to get some good photos during hunting season!

Cathy Munson is a longtime Ducks Unlimited member and currently serves on the Austin Ducks Unlimited committee...

Cathy Munson Art Studio
3319 Hancock Dr.
Austin, Texas 78731
(512) 454-9100
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"Practice Makes Perfect"

"Ellie May"

As Good As it Gets
"As Good As it Gets"

Chocolate Sunday"
"Chocolate Sunday"

"Schubert and Humpy Bear"
"Schubert and Humpy Bear"
Dog and cat portraits are a great memorial to a beloved pet. Losing a pet is hard. If someone you love has lost their pet, consider giving them a portrait of the animal to remember him by.
They'll be delighted.
Brittany and Feather
"Brittany and Feather "

Her Majesty's Throne
"Her Majesty's Throne"